back from vacation

We made it back safe and sound from PEI. Monday was exactly what I wanted, not a cloud in the sky and warm. The wind was strong but it was so fun just to hang out on the beach. I walked so much that my calves hurt, I've got to get them stretched out again. I found a ton of beach glass, but only one blue piece. I have a container for the glass and I'll leave it in the bathroom. I'll add some tiny shells and a bit of sand on the bottom. I noticed a ton of places selling the beach glass made into jewelery for up to 35/40 dollars.
On the way home we stopped in Charlottetown and the girls did some shopping. I'm not much of a shopper now, so I found it hard to stand around. We were going to stop at Costco but I was way too tired and will go for a quick trip on Sunday.
On the trip I spent 6.00 at the boarder on pop in glass bottles ( by the way this is old stock as the gov't in PEI has switched to cans and plastic bottles), 18.00 @ the SEAWEED PIE CAFE ( dessert and drinks for 3 people). 7.00 on clams and fries, 149.00 my share of the cottage, 14.00 @ Wendy's, 41.5 bridge toll, gas 50.00, 5.75 on sunburn cream and 14.00 @winners. I also bought 2 5lb bags of potatoes at a road side stand, I love those, you pay by the honor system, so that was 6.00. MY goal is to have a $1,000 saved for next year, as we can eat for cheap while there if we go this in late august.


Canadian Saver said…
Ohhhhh PEI is awesome, isn't it?? I absolutely love it there, it is heaven on earth.

I really enjoyed the Seaweed Cafe... so unique. The pie is really good :-)

Have you ever been to Flex Your Mussels? It is one of my favorite places on the island! They were in Summerside and moved to Charlottetown by the waterfront last year.

Sounds like a great trip!

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