Wednesday, Feb 17/16

Some days it amazes me about the  synchronicity that LG and I have... Here's the latest one. On Valentines day he bought me a heart shaped box of chocolates and a bear that was holding an XO. The XO bear I got right away. Since early on we've sent numerous texts and emails, and normally sign off with the XO. The chocolates threw me for a bit of a loop, as LG doesn't appear to be one that would buy the typical heart shaped box. When I woke up the next morning it dawned on me. When I was a little girl, I remembered that I would look at the displays and think that some day someone will buy me a heart shaped box of Chocolates for Valentines Day.  I told LG about this, and he started to laugh, as he's never bought the traditional heart shaped box of chocolates for anyone before... He said he saw them and thought that's what to get... Even the cards that we bought one another were of a similar theme, and we both laughed and laughed when we read them... And yes, he liked his snow brush, as he said he wouldn't have bought it for himself... Plus it came in handy yesterday...

Things are settling down at work, I've received word that I start back on shift work Monday. I'll be working 4 7-7 shifts, then 4 days off. It will be a bit hard at first, but I will be back into the swing of things quickly.

A dear friend pointed out to me this weekend that I'm finally choosing time over money... I never realized how much I had been losing out on doing things with family and friends or for myself until that moment. I am releasing the fear of not having enough money and choosing time instead... It was a huge wake-up call, one that I'm sure people have said to me before, but I wasn't listening. I get it now!

That's my thoughts for today. I hope everyone is having a great week.


Hawaii Planner said…
I'm with you on the time & money tradeoffs!! Also, the Valentine's Day gifts sound sweet & thoughtful. Just as it should be. ;)
Jane said…
I am smiling :)

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