I did something new this week...

I've wanted to try kayaking for a long time, but very few people I know have an extra one to let a beginner try it out. A friend from my PT job just bought two this summer, and she loves it. She was willing to teach me this week.  So on Tuesday morning I headed over to her house, so we could try it out on the river.

The water was choppy, but we ventured out. I did it and it was hard. Coming back against the current meant that if we stopped for a second, we'd be shoved back 10 feet, so there was very little stopping.  Once I got scared, but I thought to myself, "you have to do this, it's a little rough, but you've been through worse, so conquer the fear and do it. I did and continued on. We were blessed to see an eagle soar over head as we started out, and tons of shore birds. It's amazing to see the banks of the river up close, and the flowers and trees that are growing out of the cracks. My friend was very patient with teaching me, and I'm so thankful for that.

I can't wait to do it again next week!


ND Chic said…
We have kayaks and they are very fun, very peaceful. Glad you had a good experience.
Jane said…
I'm so envious - that's something I've wanted to learn to do for years! Perhaps you can teach me next year:) I've canoed along rivers before, but have never kayaked. I love the view from the river - you can almost pretend there's no one else around and you're discovering the area for the first time!

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