Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday, June 19th...

I've spent a total of 43 on Saturday at the yard sales: 32 books for 15.00, 5.00 on baked goods, 3.00 on vintage hankies and 6 little bracelets, 5.00 on a canister set like my mom's ( it's 53 years old), 1.00 on a vintage pyrex dish, 10.00 on 2 hats and scarves, 4.00 on two leaf bag holders ( kept one for me and gave my sister the other one).

I spent 45 on groceries on Sunday, which included a bag of oreo's for my dad for Father's day. we celebrated Father's day with ribs and rice, plus strawberry shortcake for dessert. My brother came with his son for the week-end and they had a great week-end.

I worked Monday and Tuesday and now I'm off for 6 days... ( I'll be working at my PT job for two days).  I'm helping my sister out, as she's moving this week ( insert both a sad and happy face here). This afternoon I'll be taking her little guy and three of his friends out for ice cream and a round of mini golf...  I'll really miss them when they go...

Now, I need to go and get dressed to walk the dog, then home to shower, do a few things and I'm going on a short road trip with a friend.

I took the house off the market last night, after my real estate agent called to tell me that the people were not interested in buying it. ( I told her that I knew last week that they bought another house, my grandparents old house) and she was shocked that I knew. Gotta love small towns and the fact that I can read...

I'm off now, to get my day rolling, so Happy Hump day all!

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