It's sunny and it's Sautrday!

It's the first sunny Saturday we've had in a while! Makes my heart sing! Plus, it's yard sale season, and I'm off looking for some books today.

Money spent so far this week- 25.00 at a resturaunt ( Tuesday), 20.00 on smokes ( yep), 10 @ the vet, 5.00 for coffee, 47.00 for season passes at National park ( I bought two),  51.00 at Wal mart. 55.00 for gas.

I made 65.00 at my part time job last night, so I'm at 165/400 so far ( not including wages).  I work two shifts next week-end, so I have the potential to meet my goal. :)

I'm on a self imposed ban from wal-mart for the rest of the summer. Too often, I go in for one or two things and end up leaving with a armful of junk food, plus the things I wanted/needed, so for the rest of the summer I'm staying out of there.

I do need a few things at the grocery store ( milk, veggies and fruit, plus a bit of meat), so I'll go later and pick these things up.

I'll need to mow the lawn after, plus a few other things, like the never ending laundry, and a 30 minute tidy, sweep dust and I should be set for the week! Add in a walk(16/14) and I'm good!


slugmama said…
Good for you for staying out of your "Shopping Achilles Heel".

Wish I had one store I did that in, but my SAH is food stores in general and I can't stay out of ALL of those for the entire Summer....well, I could if I wanted to drop 100lbs. the wrong

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