It's another Sunny Saturday!

Sunny and cool, just the way I like it! Today I'm working at my pt job ( it"ll be a 8-10 shift I'm thinking). I'd like to bring home 150 today, if not more.

I've spent the past few days helping my sister out, I helped supervise the movers, cleaned and watched her little guy ( although he's going to be 8 very soon, not so little).  My sister bought me a 64 GB USB ( on sale at Staples for 28 plus tax) as a thank you. I'll be able to put movies, tv shows etc on it to watch during my night shifts.

We also picked a cell phone with a slide out key board for my mother, and I'm in charge with teaching her how to text... So cute... I hope I'm like her at 73 years young. We scored the cell phone for 50.00 plus tax ( 56.44, and I'll give my sister half the money next week when I go to visit). She's pretty excited about the phone and it'll be a great way for her to keep in touch with her grandsons and kids. My daughter got her first text from my mom and said in big letters "WHO IS THIS?". She was excited to find out it was her grandmother.

Things are going ok money wise, I got paid and still have money in the bank ( the dog will need meds this week and he'll be at the vets office for his bi-weekly treatment) . That will be around 85 in total.

The dog and I did walk everyday this week so far. I'll take him very soon for about an hour or so, then I'll do some things around the house and get ready for work.

Sunday will be spent doing outside work, and I work at my PT job again.  I got paid from my pt job ( 137.00).  I won't need tons of groceries, just some meat and fresh stuff.  ( 50.00 tops).

I hope everyone has a fab week-end! And Jane, when are you leaving for PEI?


The Witch said…
Have a great weekend, it's suppose to be sunny and hot the next few days.
So cute about your Mom starting to text on her phone.
Good luck at making the extra cash this weekend I'm sure you will succeed.
~Carla~ said…
It's supposed to be hot, hot HOT here.40c.. which is too hot/humid for my breathing, so i'll probably not be doing too much. Money left in the bank is always a good thing! ;)

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