I have a story to tell about the storm

and I managed the drive home no problem, however, I got stuck in the driveway trying to back in. I couldn;t tell how deep the snow really was. After trying to dig the car out, I noticed the power went out around me... The car wouldn't budge, so I called CAA. No problem,  they were here pretty quick. The car gets towed out, and I have no where to park the car. So I decide to go to my moms, as she has power. My car will not turn over... at all!

So, my car is in the middle of the street, with a dead battery, and the plows can't go down the street. ( Sorry neighbours). I showered by lamp light, the power came back on after I was drying off,  fell asleep on the couch, called CAA back at 12:30, and find out that the plows trucks have been pulled off the road...  Now, I'm waiting for the tow truck, which will be a few hours and won't be going to work until they've picked up the car and town it to the  dealership to see what the problem is.

I laughed and came close to tears a couple of times, but in reality, it's not a big deal. I'm safe, my house is warm, and I have the means to get my car towed and get to work. The winds are still howling here, the snow is very deep in places.  I know for sure tonight I'll sleep really well, after doing some shoveling out of the back door. The dog has been at my parents since Saturday night, so it's been very quiet around here... I'm getting him tonight...


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