Back to work tomorrow

I go back to work tomorrow. My house is far from perfect today ( a few fur balls floating around), but I figure that Thursday will be a great day to clean.  Yesterday I was up early, listened to the radio, put laundry away, did a quick sweep and cleaned the bathroom,  chilled with family, enjoyed a BBQ, walked the dog ( and I so didn't want to go but when the dog brings your sneakers to you, what can you do? LOL). Popped by a friends place for a visit and watched The Walking Dead.

This morning, my mom had a chance to walk with me ( dog in tow, he started running with my sneakers in his mouth at 7:30, and on the walk, I loaded a bag with greenery and twigs to decorate outside for Christmas.   I decorated and made a wreath for the front door. I could have raked leaves, but I worked on the wreath sitting in the sunshine. Mind you, I had to undo the work and redo it three times before I got it to sit right...  I figure I can rake in the cold sunshine on Friday and Saturday.   

I've been the recipient of a few random gifts lately, which is a very warm, fuzzy feeling...

Oh my the wreath is lopsided... Oops, back to Zellers I go...


The Witch said…
Sorry about the back to work tomorrow :( sounds as if you have been busy and having fun.
Love the look of your front door, so inviting for friends and family.
I haven't started to decorate yet so I'd better get a move on.
A few random gifts???? You have me intrigued!

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