Sunday night Chit chat volume 2 for me!

What are you cooking/baking tonight?
Today I made a huge batch of chili, plus stuffed french toast. I cooked a ham last night and we'll be eating it all week!

What are you watching/reading?
Sister wives is on the TV. I'm reading John Connolly's The Reapers, and Dark a collection of modern ghost stories.

What are you listening to?
Sister wives...
Looking forward to this week?
Coming home on Friday, buying and setting up the Christmas tree, clearing my desk and getting things ready for the New Year!

Happy that you accomplished this week?
Ginger bread houses, an impromptu over night visit with 2 of my nephews, and getting most of the laundry done!


Michelle P said…
I want to make a gingerbread house this week! Hopefully I can convince the BF.
~Carla~ said…
Mmm... I think i'll eat at your house this week! ;) I watchedSister Wives sat week, thought it was so sweet... Not my thing, but hey... ;)
Louise said…
Oh I love those gingerbread houses, my mum used to make those at Christmas!
Jane said…
Getting our tree next weekend too! We go and cut it down so I hope that it's NOT RAINING as it seems to be doing continually these days.
Still obsessed with Castle and now, The Next Iron Chef

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