I'm so not in the Spirit of Christmas yet!

Just a little bit of bah humbug setting in! I did manage to get my Secret Santa gift sent out today. The weather is crappy outside and it's affecting my mood... Here's to better days.


Hope you have a better day. Just think about how thrilled your SS recipient will be when she opens her mailbox later this week!!
Sharon said…
Neither am I. Hoping it comes soon!
The Witch said…
Yes I also agree I'm not into the spirit of Christmas, don't know why?
Anyway I also send off my secret Santa parcel yesterday.
Put up my first decoration today and was thinking why bother in three weeks I'll be packing it all away again.
Hopefully by the weekend my spirits will be uplifted enough to enjoy the season.
Jane said…
Is it the lack of snow, the lack of sunshine, the lack of daylight or all of the above!
Hopefully there will be a little something in the mail soon to lift your mood and put you in the Christmas spirit! :)

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