Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm finished with the gift buying...

I took my father shopping last night to buy my mother something for Christmas. Between my sisters and I one of us has been doing this for probably the last 35 years or so. I asked my Dad what his budget was and he said " I dunno, 300.00?". I knew my mom would be really irritated if he spent that much, so I figured 100.00 would be good. She really wanted grey pants, so I found a pair of grey cords and a beautiful sweater ( both were 40% off and the total was under 100.00). My younger sister and I hadn't bought our mother a gift yet, and I knew that she wanted a new fleece jacket. I found a teal coloured one, plus a pair of leggings for under 60.00.

I also spent 70.44 for some groceries ( I still need more but I'll send DD and my mother on Thursday morning to finish up, while I'm at work). I have no meat in my freezer, and about 2 cups of frozen veggies left, plus not a single holiday treat... I figure 100.00 to 150.00 should cover the rest. DD will go to the Liquor store and buy 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of Bailey's for the season. ( She's 19, so that'll save me a trip).

It just dawned on me, that if DD finishes the grocery shopping and wine run, I will not have to step foot into a store until after Christmas... I just have to make sure the list is complete!


jpkittie said...

that is awesome! I was out yesterday & it was a mad house!!! YIKES!

~Carla~ said...

Good stuff! I have a little more food shopping to do, but other than that, I'm DONE! :)

Lisa said...

Almost done. Almost.

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