I got something in the mail today!

And it was from my secret Santa who's name is EBOO... I made a small idea that it was going to be Eboo and it's the second time in 6 months that she sent me a gift through an on line swap! The slippers are sublime, the apron is very sweet, the chocolate is/was great, the bath salts smell divine, the candle looks good enough ot eat and the reusable Christmas tags will be staying here forever!

Thank you Eboo, from the tips of my warm toes! PS, I dropped a card in the mail for you today, before I picked up my gift, so thanks again!


~Carla~ said…
Sounds like you got totally spoiled! Lucky girl!! :)
Anonymous said…
Sounds wonderful!
Sharon said…
Oh I wish I had Eboo as my secret santa! :)!
What a FUN gift! Sounds like a great way to open the mail! :)
The Witch said…
What a nice surprise indeed. Secret Santa are so much fun and certainly a lot more fun than receiving bills.

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