Monday morning musings

I had a busy but fun week-end. I got a haircut, the dog went to the groomo ers for the first time ,and she asked when I could bring him back, he was so well behaved! Go figure, considering how much chaos he caused the first 18 months we had him. Rememeber the chewed up chair cushion, the shoes, etc?

I also bought my Dad's birthday present, tickets to a play, plus got the house cleaned, and decorated for Christmas ( except the tree which I'll get the 10th or 11th). We attended my god daughters b-day and dropped off her gift ( 4 halloween costumes for the price of one) and she loved them! DD had bought tickets to a local fundraiser at a chain store and we got swag bags when we left. I scored a great red lipstick in my bag ( I love red lipsticks, blue red not orange red). DD and I traded some of our goodies, as my bag had things that suited her coloring better than my coloring and hers had things that suited me.

This up coming week-end DD and I will be joining our family in our annual gingerbread house day. DD and I will be making brunch to bring, while they supply the houses. A great trade off I think. We've been doing it for 6 Chirstmas's, and we have a lot of laughs! I won;t be getting home until late Friday night ( like 9 or 10 PM), so that will definately make next week-end go by way too quick!


Michelle P said…
I need to take my dogs to the groomer. They've still never been.
The Witch said…
I love the sound of the ginger-house building day, what a great way to bond with the family and have some laughs.
I was thinking of making a gingerbread lighthouse which was in a magazine.
You curtaining had a busy weekend.
~Carla~ said…
Sounds like you had a much-needed nice weekend!! :) Yay for your puppy behaving this time! lol!
Jane said…
Swag bags? Cool! I've just started my decorating - lots more to do!
jpkittie said…
gingerbread house day sounds so much fun!!!!

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