a gift from my DD

DD has given me a gift... a wonderful head cold! It's left me with sore gums, popping ears and best of all? The pleasure of waking up with my poor sinuses draining down my face! I'll be heading home early today, to spend the rest of the day in bed or on the couch, resting and reading, with a box of tissues by my side, my Neti-pot awaiting me in the bathroom and fingers crossed, some homemade soup!

I'm hoping everyone has a fablous weekend!


Michelle P said…
Get better soon! I've had the sniffles forever and it's so annoying.
Jane said…
I read your post from my couch covered up with 2 afghans and 2 pairs of socks on my still cold feet, kleenex box and lots of fluids right beside me. I DID stay home from school today as I'm in the very early stages and didn't want to infect anybody else. In a classroom it doesn't take long before EVERYBODY is sick! YUCK!!
Hope you get your soup!
Canadian Saver said…
Hope you feel better soon!!

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