I tried something new today!

I went to a yoga class today and oh my, I hurt! But it's a good hurt. I'm going back next week. Wish me luck!

I also got paid today from my Pt job. 342.42 to be exact. More money to pay down debt with.

Life is good!


The Witch said…
Your part time job pay check is sweet. I don't know how many hours you have to work for it but what a nice way to end a Thursday. Great start to like you say" paying of bills".
I tried yoga once and really like it but got hooked on tai-chi because the instructor was really out going and the class was fun. Lots of moves to remember which kept my brain running overtime when I missed a class.
I need to re-join this year.
So glad you tried something new and liked it.
jpkittie said…
that is a great amount to put towards your debt!! woohoo! and good job on the yoga - I would love to start going to a yoga class... I will have to check it out when dd goes back to school - I hate to pay $3 at the gym to put her in a room for an hour :(
Sharon said…
Yoga is definitely something I want to try.

GREAT part time check for sure!
Canadian Saver said…
Glad you enjoy the yoga! Definitely great for the body and the soul :-)

Have a great weekend... it's soooooo hot today, isn't it?

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