Yesterday was not a cheap day!

Money spent yesterday:

Car- 386.00, which included it's 48,000 km service and rear brake pads.
Dentist- 97.00 ( I'll get the majority of the money back)
Eye Dr- 15.80 ( for me) DD paid 3.00 out of her pocket ( she has coverage from 2 places)
Stamps- 6.80ish
chips 4.00

Today I'm traveling for work and I'll be home tomorrow afternoon.


Jane said…
No it sure wasn't a cheap day! I have forced myself to look at car maintenance as an investment - it will save you money in the future by preventing more costly repairs (well, that's the theory anyways!)Perhaps you'll have a NO spend day today.
jpkittie said…
stamps drive me crazy these days!!! it is expensive to send a card! ;)

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