My Made with Love Swap gift arrived safe and sound!

Sue, the recipient of my Made with love gift, left me a message saying she received the painting and the chocolate! I'm glad it made it in one piece and knowing that she loved it made me very happy! Some day Sue, I'm going to travel to France to see the painting in it's new home!

I'll take part in another swap like this, and maybe I'll dig out my paints and try my hand at something this summer. Eboo, I haven"t forgotten about you. Let me know which one and I'll drop it in the mail next week! ( you can pick from one of the other's if you like)


Antie Eboo said…
From your post on Sunday April 3rd...the first painting...sunset in background with budding twigs in foreground....I love that one! And then I can send you some tealight candles back....he he he!

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