My income tax came in!

7 days after I filed, my income tax came in! I received just a smidge over 900.00. I've now paid back DD and my sister for the U2 tickets!

Now, to plan what type of flowers/plants to buy for the house ( 50.00 is my budget) and I'm all set!


Yeah! I love shopping for new plants!!
ND Chic said…
Since you're planning on selling, I would go toward less expensive flowers that still look nice like petunias or pansies. Something with a splash of color. Yay for the quick tax refund!
Louise said…
oh wow thats quick! have fun shopping for the garden
Jane said…
Did you netfile your taxes? It is great how quick you can get your money - seems like it gets faster every year! My daughter and I are going to go see Keith Urban in Sept. for her birthday - we do a concert every year for her gift. Sure wish U2 was coming in our direction!

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