Just a short one

The jars/ envelopes are going well. I stayed pretty much on track, and I have some money left over. I did buy groceries yesterday to a tune of 90.41 including 2 cans of coffee, 2 big packs of chicken breasts, etc. I also used 5.00 from my entertainment budget to buy ice cream for my nephew and I. I also sent DD a parcel for a total of 21.00. Oh and I bought her ticket to come home ( long long story). The ticket went on my pd off CC, so I'll pay it off when the bill comes.


The Witch said…
Glad the envelopes are going well for you and you are staying on track.
I have to budget more for our gardening jar because I'm over budget right now. Bought a Cherry tree to plant on Monday "Victoria Day".
Hope everything is ok with DD coming back home so soon. Hopefully she will find a good Summer job, there seems to be a lot of stress on young people now days. Maybe I'm just getting older.
Maureen said…
Best way to pay a CC as soon as the bill comes in.
ND Chic said…
Glad to hear the envelopes are working for you. Have a good week :)
Jane said…
Hope things are OK with your DD!! I have a 20 yr. old daughter so know a little bit about "long long stories"! Hope all is well.

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