Why am I at work so early?

I arrived to work this morning at 7:30, way before I'm due in the office! Why? Becuase I need 45 minutes of peace and quiet before people start banging on the door asking questions.

I find February a rough month, especially mentally. The blahs have set in and I am unmotivated to do much of anything ( a touch of SAD is most likely the cause). My patience with people is at an all time low ( Saturday night is the best example). I just want to hunker down, bury my head under my blankets and stay there for another 3 weeks. But I keep plugging away, knowing that it will pass.

Ok, I lied about the door knocking, it's 7:53 and it's started already! I just want to place a huge sign ont he door that says stay away until March!


Jolie said…
February has been THAT kind of month for me as well. Here's hoping March is a better one, and comes soon.
Antie Eboo said…
I certainly know what you mean. February is not a good month for me. I get tired of the snow and cold, and could certianly use some sunshine!
Anonymous said…
I think we'll all feel better once spring gets here!
Maureen said…
I am also looking forward to, March as this extreme weather will start to cool down, and I will feel less tired and cranky.
I start work every day at 6.00am and from then until 2.30pm there is noise and endless chatter, I think I,ll start wearing earplugs soon.

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