it's pay day

and the money is all gone ( for the most part). I paid the phone, cell phone, water, hydro bills, I'm waiting for the mortgage, car and oil bills to be paid, along with the insurance for both the house and car.

I get paid from my PT job this week, and I work a shift on Saturday ( 12-8), and should make good money that day. My pay will be for around 120.00, enough to pay my rent. Fingers crossed that I make 150 or more on Saturday.

Next pay I'll put 800.00 towards CC debt. I'll have 1 CC paid off by mid-May., then I'll snowball those payments on to the next card! I also need to "save" 20.00 towards my goal for my table fund.

My work "issue" went well, it's been a challenge for sure! I'll keep plugging away and fingers crossed I'll make up my mind about what to do come June.


Jane said…
$$ - easy come, easy go! Well, maybe not so easy to come by if your work situation continues to be difficult - good luck with that!

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