How much snow now?

Jane, there are no snow rakes to be found, so I dragged the ladder around 3 different spots, and shoveled off parts of the roof! It's 5 feet deep in some places on the roof, and I did as much as I could by myself, but it's not safe to climb a ladder with no one else around. I did climb by myself but after about 2 hours I had enough!

Oh and by the way... The weather network say's there's 2 more storms coming this week!


Anonymous said…
Sam, it's good you stopped. Ladders can get slippery when there's snow involved, and you're right that it's not safe to climb by yourself. You do have a lot of snow on your roof!
The Witch said…
I hear you about the snow on the roof. Hubby was up on one part of the roof shoveling the stuff off but the other roof's forget it. It's a 30foot drop to the bottom(two storey house) I agree with Jan don't go climbing ladders
with no one around.
The storm has stopped for now, but the winds are up.
The tropic's look good right about now!!
Canadian Saver said…
I think it's the same thing around here, can't find roof rakes anywhere. A customer at work mentioned he had his done for $200!!! My dad's done the top of our porch but the rest of the roof is pretty much bare.
Jane said…
Oh my goodness Sam you better be careful up there but I understand the worry. I know I'd be up there too though I am glad I have Michael to do that kind of stuff now. I'm a DIYer for sure and have taken a lot of risks simply because I've had to. Pay $200, no thanks. But yes, don't do it alone anymore!!

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