Monday, Monday... could you please stay away next week?

I thought I remembered everything this morning. Had my meal plan, my budget binder, my wallet and Tim's card, enough clothes for the week and a spare, my lap top and all the papers ( or so I thought). Nope, I forgot one binder... That I need but I can get away without using it this week, but I'll add to my work load on the week-end. I refuse to drive 400 KMS to pick it up. I'm annoyed at myself for not putting it in the car last night.

I ended up having homemade sweet potatoe fries, chicken in my own "shake N bake", and broccoli. I also made a casserole with my sauauge, homemade pasta sauce and noodles. The casserole will feed me 4 times ( I'll have it for lunch every day this week. Today's lunch was left over pot roast- I used red wine and beef stock to cook the beef, onions, carrots and potatoes. I added peas to my plate, and a bowl for work today, and it was yummy!

This morning I filled gas tank to a turn of 49.01 ( gas is 104.5/litre). I ended up using about 19 litres coming to work this morning. I spent nothing else, used my Tim's card for a coffee and since we had a meeting at lunch time ( held in the staff lounge), no time to go to my favorite clothing store. I have 42.25 to last me the week, minus 10.00 for exercise class, so I have 32.25 left, and to be honest: Come Friday I still should have that 32.25 sitting in my pocket.

My immediate family is making plans for Christmas. It looks like DD and I will be spending a night or two in a hotel in the capital city ( I can't wait to go to the Market), and the dog will be making a quick trip to the kennel at the same time. I couldn't handle sharing a room with my parents, they both snore and are restless sleepers, and sleeping with DD? No way, she kicks and punches in her sleep. I'll be taking some of the money I "save" this month and November, and use it towards that week-end. I think it will be wonderful and maybe I'll get a chance to see some old friends!


The Witch said…
Mondays can really suck some times,but you managed to really turn it around for the better.
Christmas thoughts already. I even bought a gift this weekend. Sounds like you and your family are going to have a great time in the "Big City"
Have you done this before at Christmas time?
Hope Tuesday goes more smoothly for you.
its me, sam said…
I should have clarified "the capital of NB", DD and I lived there years ago, and I love it there. I'm excited just thinking about it... Looking at hotels tonight, It'll be pricy ( 300.00 for 2 nights), but meals will be cheap!
Maureen said…
Oh that is pricey but everything is at that time of the year. And as you have the money put aside why not treat yourselves.

Christmas I,m hoping it never happens.
Jane said…
Oh crap, don't you hate that - but at least you had the "budget binder" so we know you're at least sticking to your budget lol!
Hope you have a great weekend, and Christmas is right around the corner, isn't it? I would like to NOT succumb to the pressure of the season and NOT have to buy a bunch of presents... that may be recycled next year.

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