So I went to the office today...

And discovered that no one else was there, nor was anyone going to be there until Thursday, any meetings, discussions, etc will not be held until next week. ( I have vacation days booked for Thursday and Friday and booked them in late March and my boss knew about it).

I decided to come home, as I can do my things from home until next week, and I don't have to start paying rent until then either. I'm just a wee bit annoyed as having spent the gas money to drive 400KMS for nothing! Not an e-mail sent, no phone call, nada... I did leave a voice mail saying i wouldn't be back until September 7, 2010.

Money spent today: 45.11 groceries, 5.35 2 brand new t-shirts second hand, 1.62 coffee. I'm glad I'm home to run DD to all her appointments this week, and like I said less rent to pay!


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