Yesterday and today.

I spent no money on Monday, but today I bought take-out for a total of just under 8.00. It was greasy and good. I had brought lots of food, but the though of coming home and cooking supper depressed me.

The house smells yummy right now, pot roast with sweet potato, white potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms and garlic. Plus I cooked some chicken legs, which I can use in a stir fry and sandwiches.

The pies I made this week-end were really good. I'll make the chocolate pecan pie, minus the pecan's again, but I'll add coconut to the filling and add coconut and dried cranberries to the top.

Not much else is happening, I have a meeting booked for the 1st of March, which means I'll be paid for mileage ( around 150.00). Plus I'll be gaining mileage come April, as I'll be travelling for work.


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