It's Christmas eve!

The millionaire squares are done and are a hit! the kids tried them last night and are in love! I had 5 teenagers here again last night, they watched movies and ate.

I did go to the grocery store and spent 80.00. But that included dog and cat food,plus toys for my fur babies. I bought the dog a stuffed duck with a squeaker in it. He loves it, and has played with it non- stop. The cat likes the string on his toy. LOL

I bought the gift cards for my parents, plus some of DD's friends bought her expensive gifts, so I ended up buying some gift cards for them. I did drop gifts off to people, which they liked!

I do have to run to the store for ice and baguettes as I forgot theses 2 things yesterday! I'll finished cleaning, as I'm having my sixth annual Christmas eve open house, and I like the house to look decent. Plus DD and I are going to make gingerbread houses this afternoon.

The wine is chilling, the Bailey's in the fridge too, I bought egg nog to go with the spiced rum, and the girls cleaned 1/2 the basement yesterday. Life is looking good here today!


Canadian Saver said…
Glad the bars turned out so well!!

Enjoy your Christmas eve party!

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