The end of 2009

I ended up spending 200 yesterday on my Visa, plus today i paid the satellite bill, plus put a little bit on my LOC, plus I ended up spending 25.00 tonight out with a friend. i paid for the bulk of our drinks and snack. ( Mussels, another appi and coffee with Bailey's total was 27.30 as it was my idea to get a snack). It was fun and we were there for a few hours.

I work tomorrow night and it's going to be busy. Fingers crossed for 125.00 in my pocket tomorrow night, plus another 50 for Friday. That's the minimum I'm looking for. I usually hit my targets, so fingers crossed.

I still have 55.00 left from Monday night, and I still have money in the bank. Tomorrow I will need to get a few groceries like milk and things for lunches for DD next week. I also need to plan some meals for myself for next week, so I have 1 less thing to do next week.

I go back to my workplace on Monday, it's looking sloppy for Monday, so I'll leave at sunrise and get there a bit late, but Monday is not going to be a busy day, so I can be flexible.

I'm also planning on taking a long week-end the end of January. I've been doing this for a few years now, and I look forward to the mini-break. I'll take Friday and Monday, so DD will be happy to have her mom home for a few extra nights.


The Witch said…
Happy New Year!!!

All the best in 2010 to you and DD.

You have had a lot of challenges and have really held your head above the water, you should be proud of your accomplishment.

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