I found a place to live!

I found a place to live today! It's with a lady that my brother boarded with 10 years ago, and she loved my brother to pieces. I figure i'll be spending 75/week to board, but I need to make my own meals. Which I'd have to do if i was home anyways. I'll be doing lots of cooking on Saturdays this year. I ended up spending 2.00 for a chocolate bar today. the proceeds were for the local girl guides.

One of my neighbors gave me fresh beans and lettuce today. SO tomorrow morning I'll cook the beans to have for lunch. I'll be working from home the rest of this week, so tomorrow I'll be heading to the local library for a few hours to spread my stuff out and get some things done. I have my marking schemes figured out, now for the hard part, the course outlines.

Its still incredibly hot, poor puppy is melting along with his mother. LOL But a cold beer makes it all better. ( it's the case of beer that I bought in May, and I have 1 left). I did manage to get the stuff brought to the Sally Ann, books taken to a local exchange place for credit ( 280 worth of books and a 28 dollar credit, which bit, but its better than nothing.)

I won't be buying myself any books for a very long time, but I'll be getting a few for DD I'm sure for her birthday and Christmas.


Canadian Saver said…
That is really cool! Glad you have that out of the way...

When I lived in Grand Falls, I actually rented from the same family my childhood friend had rented from too, a couple years before, without knowing beforehand... After I found out, I knew it'd work out well...

It is hotter today than ever I think!!
Money Funk said…
Congrats on finding a place. Although, I never did understand that if you just renovated why you are moving? Must have missed that part. Due to your new job?

And I think you can splurge on a 6 pack. I hear TJ's Beer for $3.99 is pretty tasty. ;)

Stay cool!
MF, My new job is 2 hours away from where i currently live, and DD is going into grade 12, plus the job is only for 2 years, so I doesn't make sense right now to sell the house.

A 6 pack of beer is at least 10.00 here, if not more. Our tax on booze is crazy!

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