Wednesday June 10/09

Today was another no spend day, so I have 3 so far this month.

Tomorrow's spending will be 45 for physio, 50 for hair cut, 85 to pay off the oil bill, 46 to CC, 115 for hydro, 92 satellite, 85 for phone. Plus I'll have to get puppy's food and I need to go to the BB for a few things ( plus I have a coupon for 3.00 off).

Work was work, I won't say any more. the weather right now is blah! Its cold, raining and dark. It feels like fall instead of late spring. It was so cold this morning that my furnace kicked in. What happened to global warming?


Canadian Saver said…
Sounds like you're being productive and running all your errands and doing the bill paying at once!

It's been very chilly here too, I had 2 layers on at work and needed more!
I try! I'm good as long as i have my list.
Anonymous said…
So no spend days... means everything? I think it should exclude bills. We have to pay those.

Over here its June Gloom w/ a little sprinkle. I can't complain cuz its still in the 70s.
My no spend days are literally that no spend. I don't tough the money in my accounts or what I have @ home. I have a few things that come out automatically from my account, but where they're built into my budget I don't count them.

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