Saturday June 6/09

Today I spent 23 at the grocery store, 4.95 on yard sale stuff (that's including a loaf of homemade bread), 49.00 @ Lasenza for 2 pairs of pj's ( 1 for me, 1 for DD and a bra for DD). Plus she ran into her grandmother while shopping and she bought our lunch. ( It was her fathers mother not mine).

I did accomplish getting the rest of one garden bed dug and moved my thyme into its own box. Tomorrow is more yard work, general house work and if the weather is good, I'm going to make pork skewers for supper.I'll use one of the pork tenderloins i bought, plus mushrooms, red pepper and onion. I'll also make potatoes and a salad.

I work twice at my PT job next week. I do need to talk to the manager and tell her that I'd like to only work once a week for the rest of the summer, minus my vacation that I'm taking.

Next summer I'd like to work only the FT job all summer and go back to the PT for the fall of 2010. But I'll decide that next year.


Canadian Saver said…
Can I come over for dinner?? Sounds delicious!

I hope you get your schedule sorted out at your pt job... summer's too short to work it all away!
If you can find it, no problem!

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