spend, spend, spend

Today I bought DD a new cell phone, total cost 320. It was one of the cheapest ones they had, as I didn't want to sign another contract. The contract she has right now expires next July and after that she'll be using prepaid phone cards. I also bought my BIL 2 cases of Richards red for doing all the work to my computer. He got my e-mail up and running, along with getting my wireless going.

I have no plans to spend for the next few days, until I have to get dog food on the weekend, and maybe coffee.

I also made contact with the company that I want to hire to remove the asbestos from my attic. I'll have my quote by tuesday for this. Plus I made the appointment for having my fireplace disconnected. I'll get this replaced when i have all the exterior work completed! Now I just have to make Dr's appointments for DD and I.

Things are coming togeather slowly.


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