Good news!

I had a call form my lawyers office this afternoon. My interest rate dropped again! 4.15% is my new rate! When I first talked to my mortgage company the rate was 4.49. When I agreed to the mortgage it went down to 4.29 ( still really good), now its 4.15%. Yahoo !

The other bonus is the mortgage company agreed to pay the property tax for 2009, using the credit of 900.00 that I had already paid. So that means the amount I wrote for the lawyers bills was wrong. Its only around 3300, instead of 4200.

I did spend 37.00 on Chinese food, but got a credit back for 10.90 after I discovered a beetle in the chow mein. I called and they were great about everything. Plus I spent 5.00 for coffee.

So tomorrow I work, plus need to do some banking and other stuff.


Canadian Saver said…
That is great news about the interest rate!!!

My goodness, a beetle? Did you freak out???!!! I don't think I could ever eat chow mein again!
No, I didn't freak out. My stomach rolled a bit, but I've seen worse ( Hair in food really bothers me, especially the short and curly ones.

I guess working in the food industry I know how easy it can happen if you miss that one little piece of whatever. My daughter was more upset than I was, but we both had a good laugh. That kind of thing happens to us I'd say @ least twice a year.

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