The urge to shop... and other thoughts !

I have the shopping bug really, really, really bad right now! However, I have 57.00 to my name right now and can't buy anything but groceries.

I am going to go and check out patio furniture however. I've been longing for new outside furniture since I moved into my house 5 years ago but I haven't bit the bullet yet. My old outdoor furniture consisted of a plastic table I bought at a yard sale in 1996 and my chairs were that old too! I spray painted them and they looked OK. Last fall, I put them out the day before garbage day and they found a new home in about 2 hours. LOL. There are 2 sets I love: one is on the cover of the Home hardware flyer this week, the other one is @ the Superstore ( the wicker style one).

I'm trying hard to convince myself that I should wait another year, but the other spendy side is saying in my ear, you just spent x amount and will spend close to 5,000 on DD's trip to Europe, go and buy it, buy it , but it, you deserve it... AUGH!

Some days I really want to fall into old habits... :( But I'm trying really hard not too!

I see all my friends buying new things, like cars, clothes, major reno's to their houses and I suffer from envy, but I stop and say to myself... I have just the money I earn and nothing else. I'm doing this by myself and don't have that second full time income.

I'm stopping the pity party right now... I'll pull up my socks and get things done. But some days it really sucks! ( I think part of my problem right now is a lot of my friends are having babies this year and I always thought that I'd have more than one and be married by now, but that's not my reality).

I gotta go and get things done so I can enjoy the beautiful day outside! Thanks for reading the rant...


Money Minder said…
The patio furniture sounds very tempting. Is it possible to compromise? Can you purchase one or two items for your yard instead of the entire set?
Anonymous said…
Just remember it will make you feel good now, but if you don't have the money you may not feel good everytime you see it!

You are doing so well, really really keep it up!
Canadian Saver said…
This time of the year, I want outdoor stuff too: furniture, a brand new BBQ and plants, plants, plants!! All of it costs money though :-(

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