March 27, 2009

Today I spent 3.60 on girl guide cookies (that's all the money I had at work and the girl who was selling them had people give 5.00,so I "saved".40 cents). It was not busy tonight at my PT job, and I made 60.00.This was the worst week since I started back. LOL. Oh well, I have a bit of money in my pocket to get a few groceries.

I'm looking for some Patio furniture right now and I think I've found the set I want. Will I buy it, probably not. BUt it would look really nice....

Its supposed to nice out tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get teh house in shape in the morning and spend the afternoon outside.

I've got to check the bank tomorrow too to see if my refund is in. Its going right on myVISA.


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