its only been 2 hours and the drifts are even higher

Yep i was just outside for the 3rd time, and the drifts are even bigger. The side of the house away from the wind is getting filled with snow. The basement windows are almost covered, and @ 6:30 there was no snow there. Its going to be a long day in and out with the puppy.


Anonymous said…
5 foot drifts!!! WOW!

Good luck with your puppy today ;)
It's why I'm holed up inside. Again. But it looks like the snow storm died down. I may pester BF to go out with me for a walk.
J. Money said…
oh wow, sooo cool!!! it's nice and shiny over in this part of the country for now...i'd love some whiteness though during Xmas :)
I'm blessed(?) that puppy loves the snow! He frolics and snuffles the snow and loves when I toss the snow while shoveling. The snow has stopped right now, but the winds are very high ( anywhere between 70-90 kms gusts) and its -29 C with the wind chill. BRR! I may not shovel until tonight.
Money Minder said…
We have a lot of snow here too. We are running out of places to put it when we shovel the driveway! Our dog is small. When I put her in the backyard she falls through the snow and completely disappears. (She tunnels back to the house). We have had to shovel a spot for her to do her business.

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