Gas is going up ( or so the rumor mill goes)

Yes, I heard the rumor and bought gas tonight. Today;s spending is as follows:
1.) 55.50 gas and tobacco
2.) 9.50 bakery 4 x 1.25 pizza dough + squares 4.50
3.) 26.83 groceries
4.) 20.00 allowance to my teenager
5.) 3.75 movie rental
6.) 2.00 jeans day @ work
7.)1.56 SPCA fundraiser
and the total is 109.14

I still need to get a couple of things @ the market tomorrow morning pork chops, beef, onions, broccoli and maybe apples. No more than 20.00 for this stuff. I but my gas @ CT and I counted my CT money tonight and have a grand total of 38.70. I've been saving it for a year now, so I'm going to buy a programmable thermostat and they're on sale tomorrow and it shouldn't cost any more than 30.00 in CT money. Yeah for freebies.

Tomorrow I'm babysitting for friends in the am but the afternoon is all mine...


Canadian Saver said…
Not good about gas nope... the lines were so long here I didn't bother waiting in line (I have more than half left).

Good idea to use the Canadian Tire money for the thermostat!!

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