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It's been over 13 years now...

The anniversary of my blog was a few weeks ago.. thirteen years... How time flies... It's been a good summer, despite the ever increasing numbers. I still wear my mask whereever i go. I did get to hug my DD a few weeks ago. After 27 months, it felt so good! ( and yes, I cried)... We had a whirl wind vist, about 36 hours , and i'm so grateful. We camped, and limited our contacts. we cooked at the campsite, and when out exploring, we were careful. Now that summer is winding down, I'm still hoping for a few beach days, but the weekedns for september are filling up. We are going to a wedding at the nd of the month, and I'm excited. ( At her first wedding i prayed he'd be a no show, but he did.. and they've been divorced for over 6 years), and I adore her fiance... I'll write more at a later date...

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