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April 14, 2021

Hello all! How are you all doing one year in ( plus)? There are days when my soul is tired of all the craziness in the world ( but yet, I'm finding moments of joy, hope, happiness during those days. there are days where the sun is shining, the birds are singing and among the craziness, I am hopeful! I am grateful that we have been fairly lucky ( so far) with ur cvid numbers, but with 2 of the variants now here, I continue to pray that we all stay safe, i wear my mask in stores, I limit my outings to the stores, we continue to keep our steady 15 ( its less than that, but that is the number we are allowed). We've made no plans for the summer, other than to take the opportunity to do things when they come. We are going to do some small, inexpensive things around the house, like make the back deck smaller ( I know, but it will make shoveling in the winter that much easier). When it is finished, I'll try to post some photos in late summer). Even my trusty BBQ ( its a cast bod

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