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ST. Paddy's day-2023

Oh, how the Irish and those that wish they were Irish will celerbrate today! I'm working tonight, as I'd rather save money than spend money on a hangover. ( that's my scottish roots taking hold) LOL LG is away on his work rotation. It changed, and this time he will be away for 2 weeks, and then back to a 3 week schedule. I'll be working 9/14 days he is gone this time, and I usually only work 12/21 days he's away. It's flying south time here, and many of my co-workers are headed down south, hence me working so much right now). Yes, it is hard when he is gone, but we do face time once or twice a day ( Depending on my work schedule). He's paid off 1/2 his divorce debt since mid-August. ( His divorce was final last April, after they had been split for 7 years, they split in March of 2015, we met in September of 2015). He kept the house, hence the debt. His son is living in the house (He is 20 now), and it will be signed over to him in another 10-15 years. That

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