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What I spent for January to March- 2023 ( ouch) and other random things

Between Costco and the grocery store, I spent 3400.00. Yes, youu read that right. 3400.00 That does account for my new laptop. Added into that money is new clothing ( underwear, jacket, house stuff). So I'm guessing that about 2500 went towards groceries. It works out to be 209.00/week to feed 3-4 people. Which is way more than my old budget of 80.00/ week. But you have to feed teenagers and their friends. Both girls prefer dairy free, and a 2 litre of oatmilk last maybe 2-3 days. I include them in the buying of the groceries, as its helped eliminate some of the food waste, and they love finding food items from home. I should mention that twice a month, we get a stipend to help off set the cost of hosting the girls. I've increased the power/water/gas budgets accordingly. I also spent just under 650.00 at Ikea and Winners ( new duvet covers for the girls rooms, mini edison style lights for their rooms, new patio chairs for when the weather improves). Their rooms are more like

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